One for All

Lisa Hawley - One for All

submitted by Gary Purcell from Oak Lawn, IL on Aug 16, 2011
After Lisa Hawley gave birth to quadruplets in 1994, she had to raise her four children as a single mother because her husband - the quads father - divorced her and he's currently one of the leading deadbeat dads in Illinois. Lisa had to always be there for all four children at all times. She had to feed four mouths, clothe four bodies, shelter four human beings, pay four tuition bills every school year, and - in short - every action that she has ever taken for her family automatically became times four. Lisa's children have taken on jobs - in addition to attending school - in order to help Lisa with the family costs. Although each of Lisa's four children possesses a driver's license, the only car in the family is the one that Lisa drives to and from her workplace. Being the sole caregiver for her children, Lisa has been One for All. She's always sacrificed to give her kids necessities, but can't afford to buy a car for her kids to share. Lisa's model love is worthy of a lovebug model.
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