Tragic Car Accident

Lisa Lentz - Tragic Car Accident

submitted by James Erwin from West Chicago, IL on Oct 21, 2011
My girlfriend just started nursing school full time at Northern Illinois University, & makes the hour commute twice a week. She also works fulltime at Marianjoy Hospital. As you can see, she is a very motivated & caring person, and does quite a bit of driving every week. While commuting to school two weeks ago, an oncoming driver swerved into her lane while texting. She was able to avoid colliding with this reckless driver, but the vehicle following her rear ended her, while also trying to avoid the collision. As a result, she was ambulanced to the ER and she had to have 21 staples/6 stitches to her head. She is a hard worker, devoted student, & a wonderful person. This unfortunate accident has placed her under a great deal of anxiety and stress, and I believe she deserves a break. She is upset with having to part with her car (that she just paid off last month!) but I think winning a brand new VW Beetle will brighten her spirits and alleviate the stress that burdens her toda
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